Why use a specialist lead generation agency?

Lead generation is an integral part of all business, and can determine whether your business will succeed or fail. Some businesses need hundreds of leads per day while others only require a few leads a month. Questions to consider before hiring a lead generation agency are:

  • Are you getting enough leads?
  • What is the quality of your leads?
  • Do they convert?

Handling lead generation is a complex task, especially when you have to attend to other core aspects of the business. At equation we help businesses to attract and nurture valuable leads. We’re a team of lead generation experts who use our proven techniques to generate quality leads. We do not deploy trial and error tactics such as randomly cold calling.

We understand how to drive lead generation for our clients.

Lead Generation Agency Effective Strategies

Effective lead generation strategies

1. Content Creation

One of the most important things that can drive leads to your business is the publication of high-quality content. Investing in high-quality content is one of the best ways to drive targeted and hot leads to your website. By publishing high-quality content on a consistent basis, you will be able to target the right keywords and you can even use your content as a means to capture contact details to improve your marketing efforts. This should be done in the form of a page, article, PR piece, or blog.

2. Proper Website Optimisation

To improve your lead generation capabilities, your website needs to have a design with a focus on boosting its lead generation. The best way to do this is by optimising your website to achieve the highest conversion rate possible. This means having easy navigation and a user-friendly layout. Along with this, you want your visitors to stay in contact with your “Call To Action” throughout the duration of their stay on your website. Having clear CTA’s visible to your visitors is a great way to maximise the number of leads you are able to get with your website.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Having a proper paid advertising strategy in place is another major key that you are going to want to utilise when it comes to driving targeted leads to your business. Having a paid advertising strategy in place can help you target the best-optimised keywords that are going to allow you to increase the targeted traffic to your website. By getting targeted traffic to your website, it can increase the potential for lead conversion. Targeting buying keywords is essential when it comes to driving more ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ leads to your website. These are going to be the prospective customers most likely to convert into buying customers for your business. We are experts in PPC and leveraging it to boost lead generation efforts as a whole.

4. Social Media Integration

When it comes to boosting the number of leads your business is able to generate, social media can play an integral role. Being able to leverage social media to contribute to your inbound marketing efforts is essential in today’s digital landscape. Without social media and proper integration with your lead generation initiatives, you are going to be missing out on a large potential opportunity to really drive a significant number of high converting leads to your website. Having organic traffic driven to your website can drive down the total cost of your marketing efforts as a whole and it can improve your customer targeting as well.

5. Track Your Leads

Our lead generation agency actively tracks the strategies that we are implementing in order to effectively understand where the leads are coming from and whether or not they can be optimised at all. We provide analytics to our clients so they are able to make better investment decisions in terms of their own marketing and advertising efforts.

6. Drive Down The Cost

With our lead generation services, we help our clients drive down the total cost of their marketing costs. We do this by providing them with better optimisation and much better conversions. Thus, we are not only capable of driving more leads to your business, but more conversions.

Our lead generation agency has demonstrated an ability to successfully drive more leads for our clients and better reporting with accurate analytics. When you hire us, you will gain knowledge and insight into your lead generation process.

Generate Qualified Leads

Even though getting quality leads is becoming more and more difficult. We pull together all our resources to ensure that we give our clients valuable leads. We use effective vetting systems to analyse every lead that we generate. Our systems help us to identify and target quality leads.

We are Data Driven

We do not carry out lead generation blindly. We are very keen on all the numbers that are involved. From the metrics, we will be in a perfect position to know whether the techniques are working or not. Some of the important metrics that we use include:

  • Volume of leads generated
  • Conversation rate
  • The number of qualified leads
  • The cost per sale

With these metrics, it will be easier for us and your management team to monitor the performance of a lead generation campaign. Our data has high accuracy levels, and we rely on them to generate the leads. We are also open to the idea of using your data to attract and nature the leads.

We use multi-channel marketing strategy

We have a wide range of marketing expertise, and we use a multi-channel strategies to attract leads. We understand that leads can be generated from different sources and the best way of to optimise a campaign is to test all channels. We use results-driven marketing strategies to attract the leads. Some of these strategies include content creation, social media, PPC, UX design, and SEO.

We’re a specialist lead generation agency

Do you want to increase your sales? Are you planning to introduce a new product into the market? We provide premium lead generation service that businesses can use to improve their performance.